Learn more about the sources of renewable liquid heating fuels that hold so much promise for the future of our industry.


Biofine Technology

The patented process invented by Dr. Stephen Fitzpatrick holds incredible promise for the renewable liquid heating fuel initiative. It has been widely recognized as one of the most efficient methods for converting cellulose into carbon-neutral biofuels, specifically ethyl levulinate (EL).

Sodium Methyl Ester

Derived from the transesterification of vegetable oil, methyl ester is a critical factor in the supply chain and availability of biodiesel.

Pyrolysis Oil

Also known as bio-crude or bio-oil, pyrolysis oil is a synthetic fuel seen as a potential substitute for crude and thereby #2 heating oil. Pyrolysis oil is seen as playing an increasingly large role in the advancement of various biofuel sources, including biodiesel, wood diesel and algae fuels.