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The Kearney ReportThe foundational document of the Renewable Liquid Heating Fuel PlanApril 27, 2021
Bioheat How To manualApril 27, 2021
2020 EDF Final State Emission Gap AnalysisAnalysis of state emission gaps conducted by the Environmental Defense FundApril 26, 2021
Energy Spec Reference GuideComparison and reference guide for energy specs across the spectrumApril 26, 2021
Impact on Service by Biodiesel BlendsComparison report of biodiesel blends and traditional heating oilApril 26, 2021
EBIS011552020 pricing analysisApril 26, 2021
NORA Heating Oil TransitionNORA-commissioned report to answer key questions about the future of heating oil and the transition to Bioheat® fuel.April 26, 2021
Bioheat NORA Brookhaven Report2015 report on the development of a renewable biofuel for home heatingApril 26, 2021
B20-B100 Report from Brookhaven National LaboratoryReport on the utilization of B20 to B100 as heating fuelsApril 26, 2021
Heritage Foundation Congressional testimony 2017 (HHRG-115-SY-18 Wstate LorisN)Congressional testimony of the review of biofuel policyApril 26, 2021
2019 National Grid tour2019 Electric grid plan for the futureApril 26, 2021
TCI Fact SheetPlanning document for the 2019 Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI)April 26, 2021
Railroad Energy MapMap of United States crude-by-rail infrastructureApril 26, 2021
PERC GHG Propane Comparative AnalysisComparative analysis of propane and renewable liquid heating fuelsApril 26, 2021
Vermont VFDA Who We AreState-specific positioning ad for VFDA and the industryApril 22, 2021
New York State Energy Coalition Who We AreState-specific positioning ad for NYSEC and the industryApril 22, 2021
Industry Speaking Points External AudienceRenewable liquid heating fuel talking points for legislators, regulators and consumersApril 22, 2021
Sippin RE Electric Heat Pump Conversion CostsSupporting commentary on analysis of heating oil to heat pump conversion costs in ConnecticutApril 22, 2021
CEMA Electrification by the NumbersInfographic explaining electrification costs in ConnecticutApril 22, 2021
General Industry Glossary – Renewable Liquid Fuel-ipediaGlossary of terms relevant to renewable liquid heating fuelsApril 22, 2021
Liquid Fuels Properties – Energy Cost ComparisonComparison of liquid fuel properties, traditional and renewableApril 22, 2021
Biofine Technology at Newport, RI ConferenceOverview of the Biofine process and ethyl livulinateApril 22, 2021
Buckeye Partners, L.P. System MapBuckeye Partners’ pipeline and supply mapApril 22, 2021
NBB VTCarbon Permit Cost CalculatorVermont carbon permit costs and calculation based on heating fuelApril 22, 2021
NEFI GHG reduction requirements SpragueAnalysis and supporting data for relying on renewable liquid heating fuels to achieve GHG requirementsApril 22, 2021
GHG Fuels Chart20-year comparison chart of GHG emissions across all major traditional and renewable fuelsApril 22, 2021
Diversified Energy Potential Carbon CostsCarbon pricing comparison used in the failed 2019 bill, MA H 778April 22, 2021
American Geophysical union assessment of Earth Climate SensitivityResearch paper on climate sensitivity and the impact of carbon in the atmosphere.April 22, 2021
Heat Pump Conversion Costs and Supporting DataDetailed analysis of heating oil to heat pump conversion costs in Massachusetts.April 22, 2021